These compositional pieces represent my recent endeavours into composition, orchestration and recording. (July 2011-Current)

After spending some time through trial and error trying to write orchestral arrangements/compositions, I realised how much I don’t know about the formal structures of music. These compositions are my attempts at going back to basics to try and write simple binary form compositions with single voice counterpoint. They are for the most part very wrong (structurally and musically) and I am really only sharing these in order to document my learning progress. I haven’t given up on the traditional music as such however I do find that I probably lack in much of the formal musical education that most musician’s may take for granted these days and it is important for me to understand more about this (albeit a little late in the day). I hope you don’t mind the shoddy piano playing and the poor first attempts but hopefully things should improve over time!

As part of my learning experience with midi sampling and formal composition and arrangement, I have started a number of reconstructions of orchestral music realised using the Vienna Symphonic Library of music samples. Very early days in this work but as with most of the other material here, this is still a work in progress which will hopefully provide some enjoyment/interest.